$ 2,574.00

Co2 Dome pressure control, Boost Targetting. Closed Loop correction, Promod Boost Limiter is all part of the the capabilities of the AMS. The features of the AMS-2000 will make tuning, logging and adjusting to pick up ET and MPH easy and straight forward. The AMS-2000 offers numerous control strategies you can choose from. Once you choose a primary control strategy the rest become offsets to that strategy! This gives you the ability to mix and match as well as integrate numerous inputs to create a single highly advanced control curve delivering the absolute most advanced capability ever.

One of the best features of the 2k is the ability to log data and overlay its data on top of the target pressure curve to allow you the absolute finest accuracy in making modifications to your curve. No more going back and forth between your data logger and the controller


The PRO UNIT can do any type of control as well BUT it can combine and modify the main curve based on any of the other inputs coming into it. You can make it a simple time based table or a time based table that adds or subtracts based on back pressure before the solenoid and/or pressure drop after the solenoid. You could adjust your curves based off fuel pressure as an example. You could do a speed based set up on a late model vehicle using our can bus adapter(pro or base) all while taking advantage of the built in rpm windows etc. Our speed based control is based off of undriven wheelspeed so rear tires spinning doesnt effect it. It is limitless with the PRO unit. The tables are easy to use and understand.
Analog outputs are smooth and precise which makes fuel control on a dry kit fantastic ! With the pro unit there are 2 of them so you can have 2 fuel compensations running if needed OR control something based off the nitrous control.
The 5 position switch is an absolute must. Thinking your going to carry a tablet in your car and make a change right after the burnout is crazy. You going to take your gloves off and fumble around? Doubt it. You need to be able to make a last minute change with gloves on.
The 2000 allows you to make that last second split decision which alot of times determines if your going home or going to the next round.


Pro Unit includes:
2 nitrous outputs
2 fuel outputs
2 analog outputs
or you can configure it for
1 nitrous output
1 fuel output
1 analog output
2 relay drivers
1 remote selector switch to switch between 5 tunes
Offset capability
Other tools available by code are PWM tables with super trick thresholds that you can use for whatever you want.